Sex privát - Vášnivá SHEILA (43), Bratislava - Petržalka, ID:5187 | Vášnivá SHEILA
Sex privát - MASÁŽ--SEXÍK (27), Prešov, ID:6465 | MASÁŽ--SEXÍK
Sex privát a escort - ANÁLIK AKCIA ! (27), Bratislava - Dúbravka, ID:7335 | ANÁLIK AKCIA !
Sex privát a escort - TOP ANÁLIK ! (27), Bratislava - Dúbravka, ID:7336 | TOP ANÁLIK !
Sex privát a escort - Eva ANÁLIK! (27), Bratislava - Dúbravka, ID:7338 | Eva ANÁLIK!
Sex privát a escort - Top dračica (27), Bratislava - Dúbravka, ID:8052 | Top dračica
Sex privát - Sarka (21), Martin, ID:2291 | Sarka
Sex privát a escort - Novinka Miriam (27), Bratislava - Staré Mesto, ID:7802 | Novinka Miriam
Sex privát a escort - Tantra Erika (25), Bratislava - Staré Mesto, ID:5793 | Tantra Erika
Sex privát a escort - Sexi Patricia (18), Bratislava - Staré Mesto, ID:7909 | Sexi Patricia
Sex privát a escort - Alisa (29), Bratislava - Staré Mesto, ID:5683 | Alisa
Erotický privát - TANJA (35), Bratislava - Staré Mesto, ID:3212 | TANJA
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Podeľte sa o Vaše skúsenosti zo sex privátov
 #12425  od užívateľa Blazzer6
 Ne 14. Aug 2016 8:16:01 (IP: ***.121.183.193)
Hello, im in brarislava for a few days now and would really like to get laid with some prostitutes...the problem is, i've called about 10 different numbers, but most of them are not answering or dont even exsist. So do you guys have any advice where to find them? Maybe share some contacts, tips?
Than you all.
 #12426  od užívateľa rustie
 Ne 14. Aug 2016 9:33:24 (IP: ***.100.87.120)
Hi, if you have troubles with reaching a particular girl by phone, please observe the their availablity table (at least on this site, each girl should have one in their respective ad), which gives you a hint of their work schedule.
If you're not particularly picky, look for privates (=flats where these services are provided) with multiple girls assigned to the same telephone number - you almost certainly get a girl quickly (and at any day/nighttime). It's also easy to visually distinguish these ads, as their share a similar look/backdrop/style etc.

As for recommendations, it's difficult ti give because I (or anyone) don't know your preferences regarding age, appearance, services, techniques...use google translate and copy/paste to get some basic info.
 #12435  od užívateľa Blazzer6
 Ne 14. Aug 2016 11:29:24 (IP: ***.146.149.154)
Thank you for your response. So where can i find these flats here in Bratislava centre? Do i always have to call before going there or can i just pick a girl when i get there? And one more thing, if i pay for 1 hour i can fuck her as many times as i want in that hour right? I never paid like that before...
 #12453  od užívateľa spank
 Ne 14. Aug 2016 17:30:53 (IP: ***.200.150.125)
Sup blazzer!
Well just search for "privat escort bratislava". Talking now about incall/outcall services and not clubs. So you have a girl(s) working in a private apartment(s). You can schedule an incall or outcall service (imho if you do not live here I would go for incall service as it's the cheapest way to get laid). You call a number and schedule an appointment usually for 30 or 60min. You might have a trouble talking to the girls or their pimps (whoever picks the phone) but you can just google the simple phrases like "sex now", "in your flat", "30 / 60 mins", "oral without condom". I mean common If I could do it in Wien with my non existent german you can do it here.

Prices are usually between 60 - 140e. They might try to get more from you as you are foreigner but you can pretend that you live here and know the prices and bargain an adequate price.
 #12459  od užívateľa Administrátor
 Ne 14. Aug 2016 18:55:13 (IP: ***.98.26.138)
Just a little reminder ... I guess you are calling from carrier from another country (SIM card), it is possible that girls do not pick up those numbers ... and one another ... always turn off CLIR (hidden number) when you call, hidden numbers will not be answered in most cases :!:

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